The Shaw Slide in Navy
    The Shaw Slide in Navy
    The Shaw Slide in Navy
    The Shaw Slide in Navy
    The Shaw Slide in Navy

Shaw Slide

A longer-strap version of the classic slide, the Shaw offers unprecedented stability, compression and a secure fit for every foot, wide to narrow.

  • • Water-safe, animal-free design
    • Upcycled sole-conforming barecork™ footbed
    • Compression knit hugflex™ strap
    • Natural rubber flex point sole
    • Handcrafted in Porto, Portugal

  • If your slides get dirty, throw them in the wash (yes, really)!
    Use a gentle cycle with cold water, leave out to air dry.
    Your cork soles will darken slightly when wet but don’t worry, water won’t impact their durability or the flexibility of your hugflex™ straps. Otherwise, feel free to spot clean with a dry brush or soap and cold water.

  • Pull them on like socks, shimmying your toes all the way up to the top of the slide.

  • We offer flat-rate $10 shipping on all orders. Our slides travel from Portugal to the USA, and then from us to you. Your contribution to the journey helps us do what we do in a good way. Learn more about shipping and returns here.

Color: Navy